Wall Cladding

Vollers offers a vast range of materials to suit every need for your next project. This includes a versatile range of cladding materials that include BlueScope Colorbond® and Lysaghts.

Metal wall cladding can create an incredible architectural look that is both modern and long lasting. Vollers has supplied metal cladding for a range of products, that have complemented and contrasted with their surroundings.

Cladding is an extremely versatile walling material, and is growing in popularity for homes all over the Illawarra and South Coast. Vollers can supply both Colorbond® and Lysaght Zenith™ options, so we can supply you with the best cladding for your needs.

Our experience and care ensures that you have the right materials, made and measured to your exact specifications and delivered to site on time.

BlueScope Colorbond Cladding

Lysaght Cladding

Bluescope Colorbond Cladding

Vollers has a vast array of options utilising BlueScope Colorbond® steel to create both traditional and modern looks for your wall cladding.

BlueScope Colorbond®’s strength is in its name. The sheer variety of colours available, allows for your cladding to be as bold or as subtle as desired. From rocky browns to comforting creams, BlueScope Colorbond® has a wide spectrum of colours. Each option comes with durable strength, and layered coating to endure the Australian climate and last long without losing its look.

Vollers have used BlueScope Colorbond® wall cladding in a variety of our projects to stunning success.

  • All 22 BlueScope Colorbond® options
  • 6 Ultra BlueScope Colorbond® options
  • Matt BlueScope Colorbond®
  • Groove and colour choice
  • All prepared to your specifications and requirements
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Lysaght Cladding

As well as providing BlueScope Colorbond® options, Lysaght produces a tessellating panel-based option for wall cladding, which Vollers can supply to you.

The Zenith™ range of architectural cladding gives any project a pristine and elegant texture. The Zenith™ range of panels are designed to interlock together, giving the appearance of a repeating pattern that helps the building stand out with clean and modern lines. The ease of use and durability of this product are outstanding, while the finished look is decidedly architectural.

The choices of paneling differ on the appearance and dimensions of ribs and pans that accent the verticality of a building’s walls, as seen in the Longline® or Imperial® designs. Alternatively, the seamless block-like Dominion® panels can give a smooth and robust look to your next project.


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What We Do Best

Since the very beginning, Vollers has been delivering premium quality sheet metal products to our clients up and down the East Coast of NSW.

Today, we have grown our offering to include a range of complementary and contemporary products, all supported by our focus on customer service and providing clever solutions.

Our expertise in the delivery of premium materials and solutions for roofing, flashings and guttering has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best builders, roofers. construction and architecture professionals in Australia.

At Vollers, we provide a level of care and product knowledge that simply cannot be fabricated.

While we work with world-class materials and suppliers including Lysaghts and Colorbond, it’s not the materials we use, but how we use them that sets us apart.

Vollers can provide you with a vast array of ideas and solutions to achieve your architectural vision.


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