Corten Garden Edging & Planters

Lander edging is a versatile set of steel products used to divide, retain and maintain gardens and outdoor spaces. Featuring a range of finishes and coatings, Lander steel garden edging is a long-lasting and professional solution for landscapers, builders and gardeners.

Manufactured in Australia to very high standards, Lander edging can be supplied in flat packs to standard or custom specs in bulk or for one-off projects. The possibilities are limitless with Lander edging. Whether you order from their prefabricated range or require a custom solution, Lander edging will give your outdoor area the edge you’re looking for.

With all finishes available in a range of heights, thicknesses and shapes, it’s time to define your outdoor areas with Lander edging.

Lander can also deliver a custom solution to help you achieve your architectural vision throughout an entire property.


Garden Edging

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Steel Garden Edging

Like the frame of an artwork, Lander Garden Edging defines your outdoor areas with clean lines and architectural textures.

Lander Garden Edging has a range of solutions that allow you to design and install it in any garden, yard and outdoor area.

Whether you are seeking perfectly straight lines, curved edges or a creative combination, the Lander Garden Edging range is designed to work harmoniously together to achieve your dream landscape.

All Lander Garden Edging is built from premium-grade steel, then fabricated in Australia to the highest standards.

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Steel Planter Boxes

Elevate your plants and shape your garden’s structure, with Lander planter boxes. Crisp and bold in its formation, the planter box leads the eye along its edged corners, accenting any plant placed within it. 

A variety of block sizes give you the flexibility to add rigid verticality to your garden’s design.

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Steel Planter Rings

Circular curves and endless possibilities. Lander’s Planter rings are a perfect raised bed structure for garden beds and statement pieces. Level up your gardening game with Lander’s steel planter rings. Designed to make garden beds easy to maintain and admire, Lander’s planter rings are an eye-catching feature in any outdoor area.

Available in a range of heights and diameters, these steel planter rings are ready to be ordered for your outdoor project.

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Since the very beginning, Vollers has been delivering premium quality sheet metal products to our clients up and down the East Coast of NSW.

Today, we have grown our offering to include a range of complementary and contemporary products, all supported by our focus on customer service and providing clever solutions.

Our expertise in the delivery of premium materials and solutions for roofing, flashings and guttering has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best builders, roofers. construction and architecture professionals in Australia.

At Vollers, we provide a level of care and product knowledge that simply cannot be fabricated.

While we work with world-class materials and suppliers including Lysaghts and Colorbond, it’s not the materials we use, but how we use them that sets us apart.

Vollers can provide you with a vast array of ideas and solutions to achieve your architectural vision.


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Vollers creates and supplies a number of products to make the job easier.

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Our experience means we can assist you to achieve a successful outcome.

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