Metal Roofing In The Illawarra & South Coast

Vollers create architectural sheet metal solutions for a range of purposes including roofing, guttering, flashings and other beautiful details.

Over 30 years, Vollers has built a reputation for quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and unparalleled customer service.

Just ask our customers.

What We Do Best

Since the very beginning, Vollers has been delivering premium quality sheet metal and metal roofing products to our clients up and down the East Coast of NSW.

Today, we have grown our offering to include a range of complementary and contemporary roofing products, all supported by our focus on customer service and providing clever solutions.

Our expertise in the delivery of solutions for roofing, flashings and guttering has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best builders, roofers. construction and architecture professionals in Australia.

At Vollers, we provide a level of care and product knowledge that simply cannot be fabricated.

While we work with world-class materials and suppliers including Lysaght and BlueScope Colorbond, it’s not the materials we use, but how we use them that sets us apart.

Vollers can provide you with a vast array of ideas and solutions to achieve your architectural vision.



All matter of materials

Vollers supplies Lysaghts, BlueScope Colorbond and Ampelite roofing materials to your exact specifications.

We can also prepare bespoke flashings and a range of roofing related products to put the finishing touch on your roofing masterpiece.

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Downpipes & Gutters

Up, down & all around

Vollers can supply bespoke and templated downpipes and gutters, fabricated from a range of durable and designer materials such as BlueScope Colorbond, Zincalume and even stainless steel.

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Sheet Metals

Many, many metals

Using our diverse network of metal manufacturers, Vollers can supply you with the sheet metal materials you need. On top of that, we can also design and fabricate solutions for you in-house.

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Wall cladding that speaks for itself

Vollers can supply a range of wall cladding from BlueScope Colorbond, Lysaghts and Stramit, to bring an architectural flair to your project.

As always, Vollers can prepare all materials to size with the necessary flashings for windows and doors.

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Windows & Skylights

The windows everyone wants

Vollers supplies Velux windows, skylights, sun tunnels and blinds to your specifications, bringing the full benefits of these amazing products to life in your projects.

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Insulation for a total solution

Vollers supplies Eureka Roof Insulation to the measurements and specifications of your roofing project

If your project requires insulation, we can supply it to specifications.

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From concept to completion

Have an idea you need help creating? Whatever your problem, or idea, Vollers can engineer a custom solution that will work for years and years. From our workshop Vollers can fabricate detailed, complex products to solve a range of architectural, construction, roofing and landscaping problems.

3D Drawings

Bringing your ideas to life

From a simple concept or even a verbal description we can create 3D plan, draft changes and then produce a prototype or finished product. Throughout the design process, Vollers works with you to ensure that the solution is fit for purpose.

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Our Workshop


Our spacious and practical workshop provides our team with every tool needed (or wanted) to make your next project a masterpiece.

Vollers manufacturing metal sheets


machine for metal sheets

Our processes and practices ensure every task is completed with an exacting level of precision and outstanding quality, as we utilise our 30+ years experience to exceed your expectations.


Vollers factory

Vollers’ state of the art machines can stamp, punch, form and fold raw materials into strict and stunning structures.


Our process is defined by detailed 3D designs, exceptional attention to detail and custom solutions produced uniquely for your needs.

It is the creativity of our team and adaptability of our workshop that has built our enduring reputation as a supplier of exceptional sheet metal solutions.

Vollers factory

Our Projects

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