Many, Many Metals

Vollers offers a vast range of materials to suit every need for your next project.

Our team have decades of experience choosing and creating long-lasting products from sheet metal, so make sure to ask how we can help you choose the right materials for your design, or usage case.

Each type of metal is finished to create a more durable, corrosion-resistant surface. Take a look below at what we use to make our products very, very Vollers.

We are always evolving our offering to better meet the needs of our clients, working closely with you to make every project we work on; Very, Very Vollers.

Our Sheet Metals Range

Stainless Steel

Unmatched in durability, stainless steel is a common finish in sheet metal.

Vollers supply a collection of metal grades, differing on their intended uses and forms. For a truly premium aesthetic, stainless steel is the answer that will last the ages.


Its ratio for long term cost and maintenance, as well as its ease of inspection, make galvanised steel ideal for structural protection.

The bonus of its ease of inspection, means that time spent on-site due to preparation or painting, is reduced.


Known for its lightweight form, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility, aluminium comes in 4 main grades for sheet metal fabrication.

Our stock of aluminium is recycled and reflective, suitable for many construction applications.


Widely used for construction of sheds and structures built for abuse, Zincalume has proven itself as one of the most superior metals in that industry.

However, its ability to weather storms and trap heat make it ideal for most construction projects.

Bluescope Colorbond

Australian from the ground up, BlueScope ColorbondĀ® is manufactured for the harsh Australian environment.

With a variety of colours and finishes, it has become one of the favourite tools of our customers.


Corten is unique in its aesthetic, ability for longevity and low maintenance.

It develops a variable patina of bronze, rust and copper hues over time. Perfect colours for garden designs and architectural style planting.

Talk to our team

Vollers can provide you with the raw materials or we can cut and prepare them to your specifications. Speak to our team for the latest pricing.



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What We Do Best

Since the very beginning, Vollers has been delivering premium quality sheet metal products to our clients up and down the East Coast of NSW.

Today, we have grown our offering to include a range of complementary and contemporary products, all supported by our focus on customer service and providing clever solutions.

Our expertise in the delivery of premium materials and solutions for roofing, flashings and guttering has given us the opportunity to work with some of the best builders, roofers. construction and architecture professionals in Australia.

At Vollers, we provide a level of care and product knowledge that simply cannot be fabricated.

While we work with world-class materials and suppliers including Lysaghts and BlueScope Colorbond, it’s not the materials we use, but how we use them that sets us apart.

Vollers can provide you with a vast array of ideas and solutions to achieve your architectural vision.


All the pieces in one place

Vollers creates and supplies a number of products to make the job easier.

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Our experience means we can assist you to achieve a successful outcome.

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