• Our reputation is based on a fast turnaround service second to none.
  • Our specialty is manufacturing flashings to 8 metres in length.
  • We also make box gutters, cappings and flashings in various types and shapes.
  • We stock all Colorbond® colours and also carry Ultra Colorbond® colours.
  • All Colorbond® materials are manufactured from BlueScope Steel.
  • Also stainless steel, galvanised, Zincalume®, aluminium. We do it all.
  • Vollers maintain a high standard of quality and accuracy with all their flashings.
  • All flashings made by Vollers are manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory.
  • Vollers use and supply Lysaght products for roofing, guttering, drainpipes, and many accessory items.
  • Insulation, screws, rivets, silicon, touch up paint all available for pick up or delivery.
  • We also stock and distribute Velux windows, skylights and skytubes.
  • And everything else you will need to complete the job: battens, leaf guards, the works…
  • Curved metal flashings to suit bull-nosing or curved roofing, rainwater heads of various designs and materials.
  • Sumps, nozzles and overflows, Louvred vents or any custom made products and much more…
  • Detailed sheet metal work manufactured light gauge material.
  • Vollers designs in 3D so pricing is accurate and clients get a detailed drawing for ease of installation.
Detailed, complex products can be produced by Vollers. From drawing stage through manufacture to completion. From simple concept or even a verbal description we make a 3D drawing, make changes and then get approval before completing the job.

  • Press-brake work of various lengths and thicknesses.
  • Guillotining work with a 4 metre cutting length – this allows us to cut different type of metals at various thicknesses
  • Punching with various size and shape holes in all type of metals
  • Welding on Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel, Spot Welding, Notching